Marks & Spencer

Not just any sandwich app...

The brief

To attract the right graduate candidates M&S needed a fun and engaging way to grab their attention on campus and online. I designed an app that encouraged students to build their perfect sandwich - however weird that may be.

What I did

  • UX
  • Art direction
  • Design


  • Find a way of engaging students on and off-line.

    Whilst the primary objective of the work was to provide a way for students to interact with the brand at campus events, we wanted to produce something that could reach a wider audience online too. This meant the design would have to work independently across all devices and browsers.

  • Increase ongoing communication with candidates.

    One of the biggest challenges was to help build an audience for the M&S careers social channels. The design incorporated Twitter and Facebook integration as well as data collection to enable targeted email campaigns.

  • Increase awareness of different roles across the business.

    There’s a lot more to M&S than just the in-store roles. We needed to find a way to provide information about all of the job areas within the business. The app helped us to get information about potential candidates and create custom landing pages tailored to thier choices.

Original designs

The original design used a step by step approach selecting ingredients that had been grouped into categories and featuring some of the beautiful M&S product photography available. Although we really liked the look and feel, it just didn’t seem engaging and fun enough for the student audience.

Making it more sharable

We knew that it would be more fun to see your sandwich build on screen so we decided it was was time for a bit of a DIY photoshoot and a lot of photoshopping. We got a camera, some bowls, some M&S ingredients and a lot of Percy Pigs and set about getting the assets we needed.

Making your creation

With the photos done we could have a design where the user could select ingredient and see their sandwich build on screen step by step until it was perfect …or just weird enough.

Big sandwiches &
small screens

On smaller screens it wouldn’t be possible to see the ingredient selection and preview at once but that doesn’t mean you should miss out. Users were able to toggle through the two different views until they got it just right.

Social sharing

Once you were happy with your creation all that was left to do was to name your sandwich and share it on online to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Users were then encouraged to vote for their favourite sandwich and campaign for their creations across social media.


  • 64% click through rate 
to the careers site
  • Engagement with over 200 colleges and universities
  • 43% increase in applications
 for tech programs

What I learned

This project really taught me the importance of testing early and testing often. Whilst the original design worked and looked really good it didn’t have the fun playability that was needed. Without early user testing we wouldn’t have been able to iterate and come to the best solution.

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